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Antonis Christofides

About me

I am a developer and system administrator at the Department of Water Resources, School of Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). I have been working here since 1994.

I write various kinds of software in my work. The areas I'm most experienced in are web development and software for hydrological time series management. I'm comfortable with relational databases. My favourite tools are Python, Django, and PostgreSQL.

I also do a little bit of research. Environment, energy, and climate. My opinion on climate change is that there is no evidence that it is man-made. I explain this in detail at I've also looked into decision making methods, and I'm interested in the philosophy of science. Here is a list of papers I've co-authored.

I am a member of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) and of the Hellenic Linux Users Group. I was the vice-president of the FFII in 2007.

In my spare time I practice tai chi chuan. I like cooking and I make my own bread. Recently I've started gardening. I also like backpacking and sailing, though I'm not practicing those as much as I'd like. Occasionally I try to play the piano, and I'm particularly fond of Mozart, but I consider myself a miserable failure in that aspect.