Beneficiary of the project was the Municipal Development Enterprise of the Municipality of Marathon, the Management Board of Schinias Marathon National Park, the National Technical University of Athens and EPTA Ltd  Environmental Engineers – Consultants.


Municipal Developemnt Enterprise of Marathon Municipality


Municipality of Marathon


  Management Board of Schinias Marathon National Park

National Technical University of Athens


EPTA Ltd  Environmental Engineers – Consultants



The Green Marathon demo project started in November 2004 and ended in 2007. It was funded through the European LIFE - Environment programme. It aimed at minimising the environmental impact of visitors and economic activities in the National Park, thus preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Europe. In order to achieve this goal, the project had the following objectives:

1) To reduce the environmental impact of activities in a multi-dimensional venue with sustainable tourism action plans.
2) To improve environmental performance with the implementation of EMAS in all Park activities.
3) To make natural, cultural, historic and recreational attractions accessible to disabled people.
4) To promote the issue of environment and accessibility at a European level.
5) To influence the behaviour of over 1 million visitors per year on sustainability issues.