Ancient hydraulic works

Archanes cistern

Hydrosystem:Crete Island
Use: Urban Water Supply
Construction era: Minoan-Cycladic
Types: Cistern
Operation era: Minoan-Cycladic
Location: Greece - Crete - Archanes
  • Mavromati E. and L. Chryssaidis, Aqueducts in the Hellenic area during the Roman period, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, 7(1), 139-145, 2007.

The Adrianeion aqueduct passed from the Municipality of Acharnes, of Metamorphosis, of Maroussi, of N. Ionia, of N. Philadelphia, and Ambelokipi and, as in Nikopoli, it was constituted either by underground built conductors or tunnels carved inside a rock, and constructed land departments (valley bridges), that are preserved till today in the N. Ionia (Kalogreza), in the Olympic Village (two sectors) and elsewhere. Preserved underground departments, exist in Marousi, in the plain, in-depth of 20 m. - manufactured in a rectangular shape, with arched cover, with width of 0.70 m and height of 1.60 m Per 35 m, shafts of cleaning and ventilation were created, square or circular cross-section. It is remarkable that, the aqueduct was made with such a way that would collect the water not only from the initial source, but also from others along its original lining. For this reason supplementary tunnels or smaller aqueducts were created, branches of the water main, which transported water of other springs (Halandri, Kokkinara, Kithara Monomati). A relatively unknown aqueduct was found in Crete, in ancient Lappa (current Argiroupoli, Prefecture of Rethymno) and was dated in Oktavius era. The water from the sources of Kastania and Kollita, one hour long from the settlement, were drained with built tubes in a cistern of 600 m³ (25 to 6 to 7 m height), manufactured at a high point outside the city. The water cistern provided the city and the thermae (The apartments for the bathers and two other rooms framed a round room with diameter of 18 steps), one of the city’s most important structures.

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