Ancient hydraulic works

Kronion bathtubs

Use: Sanitary Facilities
Construction era: Hellenistic
Types: Bathtub
Operation era: Hellenistic, Roman
Location: Greece - Olympia - Prytaneion
  • G. De Feo, P. Laureano, L. W. Mays and A. N. Aggelakis: Water supply management technologies in the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, Evolution of Water Supply through the Millennia, London, 2012

Kronion bathtubs were constructed in Hellenistic period and after many additions and repairs, they worked until the fifth-sixth century AD. During the Roman period were constructed large rooms with architectural phases and thrilling mosaics. At the end of the third century AD were destroyed by an earthquake and after the latest repair (at the 5th century), the baths were used for agricultural activities.

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