Ancient hydraulic works

Kladeos bathtubs

Use: Sanitary Facilities
Construction era: Hellenistic
Types: Bathtub
Operation era: Roman
Location: Greece - Olympia
  • G. De Feo, P. Laureano, L. W. Mays and A. N. Aggelakis: Water supply management technologies in the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, Evolution of Water Supply through the Millennia, London, 2012

Kladeos bathtubs were bathing facilities near the bed of river Kladeos. Their construction is calculated at Hellinistic times, around 5th century BC. The first phase of the baths was a pool with surface area 24 x 6 m2 and depth of 1.6 m. In Roman times, around 100 AD the bathtubs were extended and they have an approximate area of 400 m2. They consisted by many rooms, an atrium, hot and cold baths, bathtubs, toilets, dressing rooms, steam rooms and a small individual bath.

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