Ancient hydraulic works

Athens Lavatory

Use: Sanitary Facilities
Construction era: Hellenistic
Types: Lavatory
Operation era: Hellenistic
Location: Greece - Athens - Roman Agora
  • Antoniou, G. P., Lavatories in Ancient Greece, Water Supply, 7(1), 155-164, 2007.

In Athens two public lavatories dated in the Roman period have been preserved. In the south-eastern corner of the Attalos’ Stoa and east of the Roman Agora. Both ground plans have almost square shape. The Roman market’s lavatory is a mature construction of that period, since it was built after that Agora. In addition to the oblong entrance lobby, it is 362 characterized by the deep conduit underneath the benches and the impluvium at the centre of the room. According the surviving parts it had 62 defecation openings which had corresponding urinal holes on the floor (Orlandos, 1940: 251-260).

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