Ancient hydraulic works

Inopos cistern

Use: Urban Water Supply
Construction era: Mycanean
Types: Cistern
Operation era: Mycanean
Location: Greece - Delos island

The ancient Inopos is the dry river of Delos. The ancient quarrying in the area created a cistern that the ancient had used as a water tank and called Inopos fountain. Another important water supplying work on the northern part of the ancient temple of Apollonas is the Minoa Fountain. Actually the water was that much that was enough for the port works. The ancient engineers had constructed the Delos aqueduct with clay tubes to clean the port water. There was the big reservoir-cistern depending on the amount of the visitors that reached the port. The foreseeing engineers of Delos constructed large water cisterns beneath every large public building that were filled with rain water. Also, the inhabitants of the island had dug a number of wells to find water. They had also constructed an artificial lake, The ‘Holy Lake’, which nowadays is banked up. This lake was initially connected to the Inopos River that was later on restricted to an artificial sewer that led to the port.

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Inopos cistern

Inopos cistern