Ancient hydraulic works

Aegina cistern

Use: Urban Water Supply
Construction era: Hellenistic
Types: Cistern
Operation era: Hellenistic
Location: Greece - Aegina island
  • G.P. Antoniou, Mpourdechtis:Ancient Roofless Cisterm Type om Aegina, Greece, 1st IWA International Symposium on WATER AND WASTEWATER TECHNOLOGIES IN ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS, edited by A. N. Angelakis and D. Koutsoyiannis, Greece, 463-467, 2006.

The lack of enough quantities of water in most Greek islands from the beginning of their construction has led to the construction of cisterns for the collection of water. In Aegean there is a common type of cistern that collects the rainfall water. (“bourdektis” in Greek language) Their construction consists of a structural tectonic wall in combination with sculptured pieces of natural rock from below, which is typical of construction technique used in many ancient but modern cisterns as well. The uneven shape of the cistern determines that it comes from the Hellenistic era.

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