Ancient hydraulic works

Amorgos Lavatory

Use: Urban Sewage
Construction era: Hellenistic
Types: Lavatory
Operation era: Hellenistic
Location: Amorgos - Gymnasium of Amorgos island
  • Antoniou, G. P., Lavatories in Ancient Greece, Water Supply, 7(1), 155-164, 2007.

One of the earliest well shaped lavatories is that of Minoa’s Gymnasium on Amorgos. It is small in size built contemporarily with the Gymnasium at its south west corner, and dated in mid 4th century B.C. Apart its surviving roof and the benches on three sides it is also characterized by the large conduit that supplied it with natural flow water. The sewerage used the well shaped conduit, parallel to the south wall of Gymnasium. It is dated in the end of 4th ca. B.C. (Μαραγκού, 1986; 1987; 2002) and is preserved in a very good condition, but only the half of the monolithic floor exists. On the other hand the door remained almost intact and only two pieces of the door jamb have fallen down.

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