Ancient hydraulic works

Thera sewer

Use: Urban Sewage
Construction era: Minoan-Cycladic
Types: Sewer Pipes
Operation era: Minoan-Cycladic
Location: Greece - Thera island

Advanced techniques were also developed in Aegean islands during the Cycladic period (ca.3100-1600). The archaeological investigation of the island of Thera (also known as Santorini), in the Cyclades island complex, found at least five terracotta bathtubs. All of them must have been in use until the great eruption of the Thera volcano around 1600 BC (according to the latest chronology, Friedrich et al., 2006). There was a great variation among them. They were found in several places during the excavations; one was in a room that must have been a bathroom, equipped with an advanced sewage system (Marinatos, 1999).

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