Climate is changing ... since 4.5 billion years ago

D. Koutsoyiannis, Climate is changing ... since 4.5 billion years ago, Climate change: natural or human-induced, Athens, doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.24054.19524, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni, University of Michigan Alumni, Athens, 2011.



The scaremongering on "climate change" and the disasters it will allegedly cause is mainly associated with socio-political and economic interests, rather than with scientific data. The very notion of "climate change" is not adequately defined as a scientific term. In fact the term is a pleonasm, as change is inherent in climate. The study of paleoclimatic data and historical hydrometeorological time series shows that climate has always been changing, on all time scales and as far back in time climate reconstruction studies allow. The hypothesis that recent changes (e.g. the increase of average global temperature by about 0.3°C in the last three decades) is anthropogenic, unlike the natural changes which always have taken place, is not supported by evidence. The climate models that have been used in support of this hypothesis, when tested in independent studies, have shown no skill in reproducing correctly the known past climate. A fortiori, the predictions of these models for the future can not be trusted.

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The talk was part of a debate, where the opposite position, that "we (humans) change it (the climate)" was supported by D. Lalas. At the beginning and end of the debate a voting with a scoring system took place. With 100% for the view that "we change it", 0% for the view "it changes" and 50% for the neutral position, before starting the debate the position "we change it" prevailed with 56% and after the position "it changes" prevailed with 41%.

The debate was videotaped and can be seen from the URL shown above (in Greek; duration 130 min: 0.00' Openning and salutations - 5.00' DK Presentation - 37.00' DL presentation - 68.00' Replications - 88.00' Questions - 129.00' Voting results and closing).

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