A computer program for temporal stochastic disaggregation of a fine-scale rainfall, on R environment

P. Kossieris, A computer program for temporal stochastic disaggregation of a fine-scale rainfall, on R environment, Diploma thesis, 224 pages, Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – National Technical University of Athens, Athens, October 2011.



The study and analysis of hydrological variables require the development and use of special types of stochastic simulation models. These models are powerful tools for the stochastic simulation and forecast of hydro-meteorological processes. The intermittent character of rainfall time series on fine time scales justify the use of special simulation models. Among the successful model types are the point process models. This type of model has the important feature of representing rainfall in continuous time. According to these models, the rainfall events are simulated through the generation of clustered point or rectangular pulses. The Bartlett - Lewis model has the ability to reproduce important features of the rainfall field from hourly to daily scale and above. A combination of the Bartlett - Lewis rainfall model with proven disaggregation methodology, has proposed by Koutsoyiannis and Onof. This combination improves the ability of the Bartlett - Lewis model to simulate rainfall on fine time scales. In the framework of the thesis, the model is implemented in a computer program under the name HYETOS-R, on the R environment. The package HYETOS-R provides a complete tool for the simulation of rainfall process on fine time scales. The main purpose of the package is the disaggregation of daily to hourly rainfall depths. The package can work in several modes appropriate for operational use and model testing. Additionally, the user can produce synthetic time series by the Bartlett - Lewis model.

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