Software developement for the simulation of small hydroelectric plant operation

A. Kontini, Software developement for the simulation of small hydroelectric plant operation, Diploma thesis, 155 pages, July 2016.



Small Hydroelectric Plants (SHP) in Greece are one of the most common applications of renewable energy sources. Despite this fact the technical knowledge that is applied to their design is mostly based on previous experience than on theoretical background. This thesis aims to design improvement by constructing a calculating program in Matlab environment which consists of a complete methodology of designing a SHP in purpose of optimizing energy production. At the first stage of this thesis the theoretical knowledge concerning SHP is briefly stated and the mathematical algorithm determining their function is presented thoroughly. At a second stage the software interface that was constructed is analyzed. Finally four operation cases are being examined. On Codes 1 & 2 there is a simulation of a SHP daily operation either consisting of one water turbine or two. Consequently this necessitates expanding the current software on Codes 3 & 4 which conduct energy optimization in cases of one or two water turbines. This thesis utilizes the application of this software in real national facilities, using longterm data of water sources and the functional characteristics of commercial water turbines. Various results are being compared and the necessary results are being extracted. This thesis is completed by presenting suggestions for future research which consist of two parts, the choice of the optimum diameter for the penstock and the detection of the optimum financial solution. This software can be used by an engineer, either in a primer stage, providing the optimum solution for a station that will be constructed, or in stage of inspection for an existing SHP regarding its possible expansion and/or amendment.

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