Editorial - Quantifying the impact of hydrological studies

D. Koutsoyiannis, and Z. W. Kundzewicz, Editorial - Quantifying the impact of hydrological studies, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 52 (1), 3–17, 2007.



Methods for quantifying the impact of published results of hydrological studies are reviewed for an individual article, for an author, and for a journal. The simple Impact Factor metric (provided by the Institute for Scientific Information) has been the most broadly used index for evaluation of a journal (and - indirectly - of a scientist and an institution). However, the newly introduced h-index is a very attractive concept of quantification of the impact of an individual, with considerable potential for the future. Analysis of citations in hydrological journals was carried out and compared to the large population of all scientific journals. Rankings of top hydrology articles are reviewed and analyses of the impact of studies by hydrological sciences champions, including winners of the International Hydrology Prize, is offered.

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