DEUCALION – Assessment of flood flows in Greece under conditions of hydroclimatic variability: Development of physically-established conceptual-probabilistic framework and computational tools


Duration: March 2011–March 2014

Budget: €145 000

Commissioned by: General Secretariat of Research and Technology


  1. ETME: Peppas & Collaborators
  2. Grafeio Mahera
  3. Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  4. National Observatory of Athens

Project director: D. Koutsoyiannis

Principal investigator: N. Mamassis

Programme: ΕΣΠΑ "Συνεργασία"

The project aims to develop a set of physically-based methodologies associated with modelling and forecasting of extreme rainfall events and the subsequent flood events, and adapted to the peculiarities of the hydroclimatic and geomorphological conditions of Greece. It includes the implementation of a set of research river basins that comprises a number of gauged basins in Greece and Cyprus with reliable measurements of adequate length, as well as three new experimental basins (with their sub-basins), which will be equipped with the necessary infrastructure. From the field data analysis (hydrological, meteorological, geographical) physically-established regional models will be devoloped for the estimation of characteristic hydrological design quantities, along with hydrological-hydraulic models, which will be integrated within an operational system for hydrometeorological forecasting. A framework of design criteria and methodologies (in a draft form for discussion) will be prepared for the elaboration of hydrological studies for flood-prevention works.

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