Evaluation of of Smokovo's reservoir and SHPP operation

A. Pyrgiotis, Evaluation of of Smokovo's reservoir and SHPP operation, Diploma thesis, 72 pages, October 2021.



Smokovo Dam began as an effort to safeguard enough water for the irrigation of the thessalian plain. However, through the creation of its reservoir and the construction of the related projects, emerged a partial response for the irrigation, water supply, energy, flood protection and tourist needs of the region. Taking under consideration the initial objectives of its study and using the neighboring lake of Plastira as a comparison, it is examined whether it responds adequately and as expected in each area. Emphasis was given to the evaluation of the operation of the SHPS Smokovo, given the importance of renewable energy sources today as well as the cost of its investment. A simulation procedure was followed for the operation of the plant, based on its specifications and the data supplied from DEI Renewables. The results obtained refer to the existing station Smokovo-1, the under construction Smokovo-2 and the under study Smokovo-4. The main conclusion of the evaluation is the oversizing of the project, with annual water inflows much lower than the estimates, and by extension the under-functioning of the irrigation network and the hydroelectric power station. However, the addition of the new stations and the water supply facilities is expected to bring about better functionality to the system, and thus increase its efficiency.

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