Database development of ancient Hydraulic Works

E. Griva, Database development of ancient Hydraulic Works, MSc thesis, 102 pages, Athens, November 2008.



The purpose of the present dissertation is to become acquainted with the hydraulics works in ancient Greece, Cyprus, Ephesus, Militos and M. Asia. A web based application is developed, to inspect all the available information concerning seventy (70) hydraulics works. The access in the database (DB) is free through the following address:
The purposes of the database are: gathering and archiving of all available information which is characterized by lack of homogeneity, codification of the above information, and an easy access from the general public and researchers to all available information. The aim of this system is not to develop a sophisticated informatics tools, but mainly to create a basic information tool concerning ancient water knowledge. In order to serve this task continuously, the system must be enriched and be extended gradually, incorporating new findings. The application includes the necessary informatics tools to manipulate and analyze the various information types and also make the processed information available on the Internet.

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