Review of drought indices: Application of Palmer index over Greece

K. Karampourniotis, Review of drought indices: Application of Palmer index over Greece, Postgraduate Thesis, 195 pages, Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – National Technical University of Athens, Athens, October 2012.



Even though Greece is considered as having adequate water resources, drought is becoming an increasingly often phenomenon that requires on time identification and application of appropriate management practices. This postgraduate thesis was elaborated as part of the "Water Resources Science and Technology" Interdisciplinary – Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme of the National and Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and specifically the "Hydrology and Environmental Management of Water Resources" course direction. This postgraduate thesis provides an overview of the most important drought and scarcity indices. It also attempts to analyze and implement the Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) for data collected from the study area of Lake Yliki. The method has been "built" from scratch and is depicted in detail in an excel spreadsheet in order to be easily implemented in every possible area. The ultimate goal of this work was to enable experimentation and improvement of the PDSI index, since all stages of the method are apparent to the user.

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