Effect of geographical and geomorphological characteristics in climate

M. Agriodima, Effect of geographical and geomorphological characteristics in climate, Postgraduate Thesis, 160 pages, Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – National Technical University of Athens, Athens, June 2013.



The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the effect of geomorphologic and microclimatic local conditions in the global climate. The selection of the study areas was carried out so that all areas constitute a complete and representative sample of the climate system of the planet. The analysis involves comparing the two main climatic characteristics (temperature and precipitation), between areas of 500 km width by covering 0-60°N and 10-15,30-35°S. Emphasis is given to the spatial variation of temperature and precipitation range in relation to both longitude and altitude. The results of the above analysis were associated with the climate classification according to Köppen and with the general global circulation of the atmosphere. In addition areas with similar monthly variability (seasonality) in precipitation were identified along longitude. The results of the thesis show a significant correlation between temperature range with distance from the sea. Finally conclusions are carried out on climate variation and differences between near regions related either to the global general circulation or local microclimatic factors.

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