Financial evaluation of the constuction of small hydroelectric project

L Mari, Financial evaluation of the constuction of small hydroelectric project, MSc thesis, 60 pages, February 2015.



In the last years the negative consequences that are caused by the conventional forms of energy, such as the large accumulation of pollutants and CO2 in the atmosphere and the rise in the average temperature on earth , have led the scientists and the governments to take an interest in renewable energy sources (R.E.S). Their comparative advantages over the conventional sources are that RES are unlimited, friendly to the environment and in the long term they can assist to reduce the production cost of the electric power. A fine example of a renewable energy source is hydropower and the process which allows the hydraulic energy to turn to electric takes place in a Hydroelectric Power Plant. The subject of the current thesis is the small hydropower plants (S.H.P) and its objective is to analyze and evaluate their production costs and also to connect the parts composing the construction budget of such a work with their characteristics. Chapter 1 consists of a description concerning the current status of RES and SHP in Europe as well as the legal framework for their construction and operation. In the next chapter there is a description of different parts that consists a SHP such as, intake, conduit channel, hydro turbines and powerhouse. Also the environmental implications are indicated - positives and negatives – in addition to the advantages/disadvantages of the small hydropower plants. There is an analysis of the necessary stages of the study and of the legal framework regarding the construction and operation of such a unit in Greece. In chapter 5 you may find an economical analysis of a small hydropower plants in Peloponissos. Finally there are listed and evaluated important statistical financial data about small hydropower plants from Europe.

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