Water pumping mechanisms in ancient world

G. Kyriakopoulos, Water pumping mechanisms in ancient world, MSc thesis, 78 pages, June 2015.



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The evolution of ancient methods and machines for solving the problem of water pumping are presented in this postgraduate thesis. A chronological order with emphasis on the major technologies through the centuries is followed. The characteristics, the spatial appearance, the development through the times and the sustainability of the pumping methods are provided. A comparison between the various technologies and the existence of ancient pumps in nowadays are examined in this study. Chapter one, highlights the problem of water lifting in ancient times and the influence that the development of pumping technologies had in the first major civilizations, focusing in Egypt of Hellenistic times. The purpose and the structure of the thesis are also presented. Second chapter, presents with a chronological order the methods which ancient civilizations had applied for pumping water and the third chapter focuses on the most valuable of these technologies. Chapter four, refers to the operational and technical details of the major achievements in pumping water and when is feasible, a comparison of the technologies is provided. The use of ancient pumping technologies in modern times is the purpose of chapter five and finally, the basic conclusions of the study are presented in chapter six.