Water resources management in waterless islands. The hydrosystem of Mykonos

I Bouzios, Water resources management in waterless islands. The hydrosystem of Mykonos, MSc thesis, 125 pages, October 2016.



Water shortage is a major problem of many regions of the globe with future trends worsening. Population growth, the expansion of cities, tourism, and climate change are some factors that affect the availability of water resources and the adequacy of water supplies. In Greece water shortage is observed mostly in '' waterless '' Aegean islands and the Cyclades, more during the summer months, a problem that has significant impact on local communities and so far has not found a permanent solution possible. The purpose of this thesis is the valuation of existing technologies available to meet the water needs of Mykonos Island and finding a Management Plan that will cover these needs but also gives basis to the energy and economic costs. The island therefore has two dams constructed by Roller meager concrete (RCC), the Marathi dam and the Ano Mera dam. Also has, Desalination plants, Drilling wells and infrastructure for pumping water from water-bearing vessel. Existing technical studies and EIS, spatial data in GIS and historical hydrological data are exploited. The Ydronomeas software implements the methodological approach of coupling configuration - simulation - optimization and provides important conclusions for the system response to the objectives and needs, considering different scenarios. In parallel to the use of synthetic time series input, after stochastic simulation using the software Kastalia, it is possible to quantify the uncertainty of the system at multiple time scales and examine the behavior even in extreme situations.

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