Development of global parameteric model for potential evapotranspiration

A. Karanasios, Development of global parameteric model for potential evapotranspiration, Postgraduate Thesis, 120 pages, Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – National Technical University of Athens, October 2016.



The scope of the study is the development of a new parametric model, in order to estimate the potential evaportranspiration. The new model is based on the formulation of a parametric equation, that is adapted in a sample calculated at Penman-Monteith data. The necessary entry data is monthly air temperature and extraterrestrial solar radiation. The parametric model was calibrated in 4069 hydrometeorological stations of the CLIMWAT 2.0 climatic database and the parameters were spatially interpolated in a global level, using the IDW method. The model was also validated in various climatic regimes (55 stations), using various statistical criteria (NSE, MAE, BIAS, R2, RMSE). The results of the calibration as well as the results of the validation of the model are really good. Moreover global monthly potential evapotranspiration maps were produced, using the parameter values that were calculated, calculated values of extraterrestrial solar radiation as well as remote sensing air temperature.

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