Investigation of rainfall erosivity factor

A. Kaforos, Investigation of rainfall erosivity factor, Diploma thesis, 118 pages, February 2017.



Due to the impact of erosion and sediment yield on agriculture, dam planning and flood-prevention technology, scientists have developed plenty of models in order to quantify erosion.
Rusle Method is a well known and widely utilized erosion model. The model depends on the computation and multiplication of six parameters. The first parameter, R, is the most important one and the most difficult to compute, mostly due to lack of required data.

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At the current thesis a programming Matlab model was constructed in order to reduce the difficulties of computing R factor. In addition, the program is tested in several stations of Attica Region in Greece. The results of the program are utilized to compare with those of the bibliography. In conclusion, the program results are used to test several empirical equations that correlate R factor to other easier computed values such as annual precipitation.

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