Flood risk assessment in gauged and ungauged basins in a multidimensional context

E. Michailidi, Flood risk assessment in gauged and ungauged basins in a multidimensional context, PhD thesis, Universita Degli Studi di Brescia, March 2018.



In this research, the basin’s response under varying rainfall intensity is estimated in a GIS framework through a channel-based approach that allows overcoming common problems that may arise in raster-based approaches, in order to provide a physically sound approach for the estimation of the time of concentration. The above method is complemented by proposing a validated regional formula to be used in the case of lack of data and/or computational resources. Next, a parsimonious and computationally efficient hydrological model is provided, accounting for varying rainfall intensity through the varying time of concentration concept. By calibrating and validating it in different contexts and local conditions, a powerful and reliable flood prediction tool in ungauged basins should be offered for eventual use even in everyday engineering practices. At last, a flood risk assessment scheme for gauged basins was introduced, taking into consideration crucial flood components (peak, volume and hydrograph shape) through a multivariate framework, while at the same time accounting for the sampling uncertainty present in the model. Comparison of the results from this scheme and a scheme for ungauged basins that accounts for the stochastic character of the temporal rainfall distributions provides insight on the necessity of the availability of discharge data.

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Our works that reference this work:

1. K. Risva, D. Nikolopoulos, and A. Efstratiadis, Development of a distributed hydrological software application employing novel velocity-based techniques, 11th World Congress on Water Resources and Environment “Managing Water Resources for a Sustainable Future”, Madrid, European Water Resources Association, 2019.

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