Drought management: Comparison of California (2012-2016) and Athens (1988-1993) examples

A. Zoukos, Drought management: Comparison of California (2012-2016) and Athens (1988-1993) examples, Diploma thesis, 159 pages, Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – National Technical University of Athens, Athens, November 2018.



Drought is an extreme and complicated phenomenon. Drought occurs both in high- and in low-rainfall areas. Each area perceives the phenomenon differently and its effects vary. Also it is hard to determine the start and the end of a drought incident. The variance of the drought characteristics which differ from area to area make a universal definition of drought impossible. The absence of this universal definition has made historically different approaches in management plans and polices for a drought. By examining the drought incidents of California (2012-2016) and Athens (1988-1993), we highlight those different approaches, the disputable assessments and ad hoc solutions, which are based on the definition. Due to the complicity of the California water system, we describe and examine the water infrastructure and the historical evolution of water management, in order to recognize the weaknesses of the California water system. As we assess the system we proceed to the comparison and assessment of the drought management plans. Through this procedure, we make important remarks about decision making and drought management. Finally we suggest a definition for the drought concept for the creation of drought management plans.

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