Hydropower wealth of mountainous areas. The nodal position of Metsovo

N. Mamassis, Hydropower wealth of mountainous areas. The nodal position of Metsovo, 9th Conference by NTUA and MIRC: Vision, design and policy for the holistic development of mountainous and remote areas, Metsovo, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Metsovion Interdisciplinary Research Center, October 2019.



Τhe meteorological and geomorphological characteristics of mountainous areas are advantageous for the exploitation of the hydropower potential. Hydroelectric power plants make the best use of high slopes and abundant rainfall to produce electricity. Five major Greek rivers (Aliakmonas, Arachthos, Acheloos, Aoos and Pinios) are originated from Metsovo area. 13 large hydroelectric power plants (approximately 80% of the country's installed hydro power) have been constructed on these rivers. In a close distance from Metsovo, Aoos hydroelectric power plant. is located. This project is of significant educational interest because of its unique technical features. An artificial lake formed by seven dams, water pumping to drain an nearby plateau, diversion of water to other country, and the largest waterfall in Greece. The nodal position of Metsovo among the major hydroelectric power plants in the country is an important advantage for the experiential educational process offered by MEKDE.

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