Biomass exploitation in islands: The case of Lesvos

K. Kourou, Biomass exploitation in islands: The case of Lesvos, MSc thesis, 75 pages, October 2020.



Lesvos, as many of the Greek islands, is not connected with the mainland electricity grid. As a result electricity is produced from plants that are using oil fuel, in order to produce the energy that is required. This situation often creates pressure to the electrical grid of PPC (Public Power Corporation) in order to meet the growing demands of society. The fuels that are imported from mainland and other countries are usually fossil fuels which are very aggravating for the environment and also very expensive. Lesvos is an ideal island to utilize biomass because it has a big number of olive trees (6.054.848) that can be used for energy purposes. This thesis also examines the biomass that comes from other cultivations of trees and plants and the biomass that is produced from domestic animals. Last but not least, except from the electric power that is produced from biomass, it was considered important to calculate the thermal energy produced by it, because in that way further exploitation of the energy is achievable.

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