Wind turbine aesthetics

E. Manta, Wind turbine aesthetics, Diploma thesis, 117 pages, Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – National Technical University of Athens, March 2021.



Landspace aesthetics is an area which had remained untouched in studies by parties responsible for wind turbine installation. In this study, the need for those parties' awareness is explored, regarding the effects of wind turbines on natural landscape and respective solutions are suggested. In the first part, the notion of aesthetics is analysed, both in philosophy and in technical works. Historical, technical and economic data on wind parks of national and international significance are presented. In the second part, an aesthetic evaluation of the wind park to be installed in the location Prassa in Tinos island, is presented. The evaluation is firstly on a theoretical level, and secondly a stochastic analysis, with the use of a climacogram (2D-C), is done. In the third and final part, suggested solutions are presented, regarding the aesthetic design of wind turbines and spatial location of wind parks, aiming for the minimal visual disturbance.

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