G. C. Koukis, and D. Koutsoyiannis, Greece, Geomorphological hazards in Europe, edited by C.&C. Embleton, 215–241, doi:10.1016/S0928-2025(97)80010-7, Elsevier, 1997.



The hazards related to geomorphological processes in Greece are analysed and classified. Specifically, the seismic activity and the landslides are described in detail whereas historical data are given for the volcanic activity, tsunamis and soil erosion. Finally, emphasis is given to flood hazards. Following a short history, the causes, magnitude and geographical distribution of floods are presented. Subsequently, the flood regime and the related hazards in mountainous areas, closed hydrological basins in karst areas, and plains are analysed by examining cases of historical floods for each of these categories. Floods in urban areas are examined too, also incorporating an analysis of recent and earlier floods in Athens. A special reference is done for flood hazards related to dams and reservoirs (design floods, flood protection, floods caused by landslides into reservoirs, hazards due to dam failures). Finally, the research and applied practices related to flood forecasting systems in Greece are discussed.

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