Optimal management of reservoir systems - Application to the Acheloos-Thessalia system

A. Efstratiadis, and N. Zervos, Optimal management of reservoir systems - Application to the Acheloos-Thessalia system, Diploma thesis, 181 pages, Department of Water Resources, Hydraulic and Maritime Engineering – National Technical University of Athens, Athens, March 1999.



Optimisation of a multi-reservoir system becomes increasingly complex when conflicting water uses exist, such as water supply, irrigation, hydroelectric power generation etc. Hydronomeas is a software tool, suitable for simulating and conducting a search for the optimum management policy of a multi-purpose hydrosystem. The mathematical model is based on recently introduced and theoretically developed parametric rules for the operation of multi-reservoir systems. Software implementation was performed in such a manner that the model can be easily applied to a wide range of hydrosystems and that simulation will be as accurate as possible, incorporating all natural, operational, environmental and other restrictions. Hydronomeas was applied on the Acheloos - Thessalia hydrosystem, including the proposed diversion projects. The objective was the maximisation of primary energy generation for various scenarios. The program's efficiency and results' reliability were validated through comparison with existing studies and sensitivity analyses.

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