On the parametric approach to unit hydrograph identification

D. Koutsoyiannis, and Th. Xanthopoulos, On the parametric approach to unit hydrograph identification, Water Resources Management, 3 (2), 107–128, doi:10.1007/BF00872467, 1989.



Unit hydrograph identification by the parametric approach is based on the assumption of a proper analytical form for its shape, using a limited number of parameters. This paper presents various suitable analytical forms for the instantaneous unit hydrograph, originated from known probability density functions or transformations of them. Analytical expressions for the moments of area of these forms, versus their definition parameters are theoretically derived. The relation between moments and specific shape characteristics are also examined. Two different methods of parameter estimation are studied, the first being the well-known method of moments, while the second is based on the minimization of the integral error between derived and recorded flood hydrographs. The above tasks are illustrated with application examples originated from case studies of catchments of Greece.

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