Sediment Yield Estimations in Greece

D. Koutsoyiannis, and K. Tarla, Sediment Yield Estimations in Greece, Technica Chronica, A-7 (3), 127–154, 1987.



This study is an attempt to draw conclusions from the available sediment measurement data in Greece and includes: (a) a brief report on the regime of sediment measurements in Greece, as well as their processing and utilization; (b) investigation of the effects of hydrological, climatic, topographical and geological factors on the sediment yield, based on the gauged data of Northwestern Greece with an attempt to interpret the effect of these factors; (c) derivation by statistical methods of an empirical formula for the sediment yield estimation from hydrological and geological data of the watershed.

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1. N. Mamassis, S. Moustakas, and N. Zarkadoulas, Representing the operation of ancient reclamation works at Lake Copais in Greece, Water History, doi:10.1007/s12685-015-0126-x, 2015.

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