Geomorphometric characteristics of hydrologic basins of Greece

I. Paspallis, and D. Koutsoyiannis, Geomorphometric characteristics of hydrologic basins of Greece, 12th meeting of the Greek users of ArcInfo, Marathon Data Systems, Athens, 2002.



In this thesis we explore the geomorphometric characteristics of the system of river networks and drainage basins in Greece. We quantify several geomorphometric attributes using a geographical information system. These attributes describe the organization of river systems, as well as the shape and relief of basins. We find the drainage network and drainage basins for each water district from a digital elevation model and we examine each drainage system separately. We analyze totally 140 basins each one having an area over 100 km2 and we classify them using the classification system of Strahler. Also, we tabulate the results for each water district and for each basin order and we compare these results with that derived for the large basins of the global system of rivers. In addition, we apply the theory of the geomorphologic instantaneous unit hydrograph in two watersheds in Greece for which we have the unit hydrographs derived by measures. Finally, we derive some useful conclusions about the hydrologic response of the watersheds and generally for the water districts.

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