Metsovo: The hydrological heart of Greece

D. Koutsoyiannis, and N. Mamassis, Metsovo: The hydrological heart of Greece, Proceedings of the 1st Inter-university Conference for Metsovo, edited by D. Rokos, Metsovo, 209–229, doi:10.13140/RG.2.1.2928.9205, National Technical University of Athens Press – National Technical University of Athens, Athens, 1998.



The area of Metsovo is the place where the five most important river basins of Greece, those of Arachthos, Acheloos, Pinios, Aliakmon, and Aoos rivers adjoin. From this area the Metsovitikos, tributary of Arachthos, rises whereas in a short distance Acheloos, Aoos and some tributaries of Pinios and Aliakmon originate. Thus, metaphorically but with no exaggeration, we could say that the area of Metsovo is the hydrological heart of Greece, where the most important hydrological arteries start. In this study the surface water potential of the area, is appraised. To this aim, appropriate hydrological time series, especially those of rainfall and runoff, are examined using statistical tools. Moreover, the long term variability of time series is statistically tested to trace possible changes of their characteristics in the last forty years. Also the occurrence of extreme events is examined and also related to corresponding phenomena of other regions in Greece.

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1. C. Cudennec, C. Leduc, and D. Koutsoyiannis, Dryland hydrology in Mediterranean regions -- a review, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 52 (6), 1077–1087, doi:10.1623/hysj.52.6.1077, 2007.