Modelling the Athens water supply system

I. Nalbantis, D. Koutsoyiannis, and Th. Xanthopoulos, Modelling the Athens water supply system, 1st European Conference on Advances in Water Resources Technology, Athens, European Water Resources Association, 1991.



An investigation of a real-world water-resources problem involving both planning and management aspects is presented. The Athens water supply system is studied in order to assist its future operation and the design of alternative system improving works. The yield of the existing system is first assessed via simulation. Then the risk of system failure to meet the water demand is evaluated for various water demand scenarios and operation policies, with emphasis on the 1989-90 critical situation. Alternative future reservoirs in the Evinos River Basin are studied by testing large number of technical solutions. Uncertainties on hydrology, leakage losses, water demand, and possible damages are taken into account. Finally, a computer programme is developed to assist the water supply policy design for the existing Mornos-Iliki system.

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