Simplification of evapotranspiration estimation in Greece

A. Tegos, Simplification of evapotranspiration estimation in Greece, Postgraduate Thesis, Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – National Technical University of Athens, Athens, 2007.



The scope of the study is the development of a new model, in order to estimate the potential evaportranspiration. The new model is based on the formulation of a parametric equation, that is adapted in a sample calculated at Penman- Monteith data. The adaptation becomes with the method of minimal square and the new model requires the medium temperature and the extraterrestrial radiation, as entry data, which only the temperature needs to be measured. The model was applied in 37 meteorological stations of Greece for the periods 1968-1983 and 1984-1989, in monthly step. The first decade refers to the calibration period, whereas the second one is the validation period, in which the forecasting capacity of the model was tested. Through optimization the initial parameters were reduced, so as to simplify the mathematic equation. The results were particularly satisfactory. Finally, geographic interpolation of parameters was realized, with the use of G.I.S, on the inference of parameters in all the Hellenic space.

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