Climate change as a scapegoat in water science, technology and management

D. Koutsoyiannis, Climate change as a scapegoat in water science, technology and management, EUREAU Workshop on Climate Changes Impact on Water Resources with Emphasis on Potable Water, Chania, doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.35519.71843, European Association of Water and Wastewater Services, Hellenic Union of Water and Wastewater Enterprises, 2008.



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Note added on 2010-02-12: The link pointing to the quotation of Sir John Houghton is now broken. An alive link in the same server is However, it appears that the quotation is untrue (see and The correct quotation, which should replace that in slide 6, is " Global warming is now a weapon of mass destruction". This appears in Houghton’s article in the Guardian, (Update on 2010-08-22: see also, section "An apology withdrawn").

Note added on 2017-04-13: Even the alternative link of the UK parliament given in the previous note is now broken but can be found in the WayBack machine, Furthermore, the quotation appears now (but not in an original text by Houghton) in a book by the Great Britain Parliament, House of Lords: "The Economics of Renewable Energy: Recent Developments", 4th Report of Session 2007-08, Volume 2 (see

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1. Kutílek, M., Soils and climate change, Soil and Tillage Research, 117, 1-7, 2011.

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