Small hydroelectric power plants in mountainous areas and their impacts to the environment

M. Mega, Small hydroelectric power plants in mountainous areas and their impacts to the environment, Postgraduate Thesis, 168 pages, 2009.



It is widely known that the conventional sources of energy (carbon, petrol, nuclear energy and natural gas) induce harmful consequences to the environment, since they emit significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and they intensify the greenhouse effect. Since petrol supplies are continually becoming less, the energy should be produced by renewable sources and hydroelectric stations. The aim of the present postgraduate dissertation is to describe the operation and the mechanical equipment of Small Hydroelectric Works (Small Hydro) that are situated in mountain areas, as well as their consequences to the environment. In Chapter 2 is being presented the principal of the operation of a small hydro and are being described the presentation system, the hydraulic tourbines and the hydroelectric power station. In the present dissertation is being recorded the legislation, which rules the permission and the installation of the renewable sources of energy and the Small Hydroelectric Works. In the next Chapters the construction stages of a small hydroelectric power station are being analyzed and the possible environmental consequences of its operation are being investigated. In order to quantify the environmental consequences of a small hydroelectric power station was carried out Life Circle Analysis and then it was compared to that of a thermoelectric power station. Furthermore the small hydroelectric power works that exist in the streams of Aracthos river are being recorded and is assessed the water potential of Aracthos. Finally, an indicatory planning (case study) of a new small hydroelectric power station in Agnantitis stream of Aracthos is carried out, by using the hydrometric flow data from the years 1989-1990, 1990- 1991 and 1991-1992. The optimum installation place of the hydroelectric power station was picked acc

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