Most popular documents (2008)

1. Journal papers

On the credibility of climate predictions >>>

A mathematical framework for studying rainfall intensity-duration-frequency relationships >>>

Urban water management in Ancient Greece: Legacies and lessons >>>

Climate change, the Hurst phenomenon, and hydrological statistics >>>

The Hurst phenomenon and fractional Gaussian noise made easy >>>

2. Books and lecture notes

Lecture notes on Urban Hydraulic Works - Part 1: Water Supply >>>

Engineering Hydrology >>>

Lecture notes on Urban Hydraulic Works - Part 2: Sewerage >>>

Statistical Hydrology >>>

Lecture notes on Water Resources Management - Part 1 >>>

3. Conference papers and book chapters

Assessment of the reliability of climate predictions based on comparisons with historical time series (4350  downloads during the week 10-16 May 2008) >>>

Urban water engineering and management in ancient Greece >>>

Hydrologic and hydraulic science and technology in ancient Greece >>>

On the appropriateness of the Gumbel distribution for modelling extreme rainfall >>>

Alternative wastewater collection systems >>>

4. Research reports

Master plan for water resource management of the country >>>

National Programme for Water Resources Management and Preservation >>>

Final Report, Appraisal of river sediment deposits in reservoirs of hydropower dams >>>

Master plan of the Athens water resource system - Year 2000-2001 >>>

Summary of the research project: Evaluation of Management of the Water Resources of Sterea Hellas >>>

5. Academic theses

Development of an information system for small hydropower plants in Greece >>>

Construction of rainfall intensity-duration-frequency curves with incomplete data >>>

Investigation of the contribution of remote-sensing to the estimation of evapotranspiration - A Greek case study >>>

Investigation of global optimum seeking methods in water resources problems >>>

The effect of the surrounding topography on incoming solar radiation >>>

6 Software products

Hydrognomon - A database system for the management of hydrometeorological stations and time series >>>

Hydronomeas - Integrated computer system for the support of hydrosystems management >>>

Zygos - Lumped conceptual river basin model >>>

HYETOS - A Computer program for stochastic disaggregation of  fine-scale rainfall >>>

Castalia - A computer system for stochastic simulation and forecasting of hydrologic processes >>>