Most popular documents (2014)

1. Journal papers

How extreme is extreme? An assessment of daily rainfall distribution tails (4198 visits/downloads) >>>

On the credibility of climate predictions >>>

Climate change, the Hurst phenomenon, and hydrological statistics >>>

A mathematical framework for studying rainfall intensity-duration-frequency relationships >>>

One decade of multiobjective calibration approaches in hydrological modelling: a review >>>

2. Books and lecture notes

Lecture notes on Urban Hydraulic Works - Part 1: Water Supply (20042 visits/downloads) >>>

Engineering Hydrology >>>

Lecture notes on Stochastic Methods in Water Resources >>>

Lecture notes on Urban Hydraulic Works - Part 2: Sewerage >>>

Design of Urban Sewer Networks >>>

3. Conference papers and book chapters

Investigation of methods for hydroclimatic data homogenization (3603 visits/downloads) >>>

Climate is changing ... since 4.5 billion years ago >>>

Assessment of the reliability of climate predictions based on comparisons with historical time series >>>

Why (and how) to write and publish a scientific paper in hydrology? >>>

On the appropriateness of the Gumbel distribution for modelling extreme rainfall >>>

4. Research reports

Master plan for water resource management of the country (4842 visits/downloads) >>>

National Programme for Water Resources Management and Preservation >>>

Computer programmes for simulation of the rainfall-runoff relationship >>>

Hydrognomon version 4 - User manual >>>

Data base and data processing software for monthly hydrologic data >>>

5. Academic theses

Climatic Atlas of Greece (3096 visits/downloads) >>>

Desalination technology and potential application in Greece >>>

Renewable energy sources: Temporal evolution - comparison >>>

Regionalization of flow duration curves in flow regimes of intermittent streams >>>

Development of flood maps under Directive 2001/60/EU. Application to Sperchios basin >>>

6. Software products

HydroChton - Estimate K and Ss of an aquifer based on measurements of slug tests (30331 visits/downloads) >>>

Castalia - A computer system for stochastic simulation and forecasting of hydrologic processes >>>

Hyetos - A Computer program for stochastic disaggregation of fine-scale rainfall >>>

Hydrogeios 2.1 - Geo-hydrological simulation of river basin >>>

Hydrognomon ( - Hydrological time series processing software >>>

7. Blogs (posted in 2014)

My reviews to IPCC AR5 WGII (3291 visits) >>>

The revenge of the incompetent >>>

Goodbye to Mathios Karlaftis (1969-2014) >>>

Τόπο στα γηρατειά >>>

Περί εργαστηρίων και διευθυντών >>>