Most popular documents (2016)

1. Journal papers

How extreme is extreme? An assessment of daily rainfall distribution tails (5829 visits/downloads) >>>

Climate, hydrology, energy, water: recognizing uncertainty and seeking sustainability >>>

Clausius-Clapeyron equation and saturation vapour pressure: simple theory reconciled with practice >>>

A random walk on water >>>

On the credibility of climate predictions >>>

2. Books and lecture notes

Lecture Notes on Urban Hydraulic Works - Water Supply (23 909 visits/downloads) >>>

Engineering Hydrology >>>

Design of Urban Sewer Networks >>>

Lecture notes on Urban Hydraulic Works - Part 2: Sewerage >>>

Lecture notes on Stochastic Methods in Water Resources >>>

3. Conference papers and book chapters

Climate, water and health in ancient Greece (2630 visits/downloads) >>>

Assessment of the reliability of climate predictions based on comparisons with historical time series >>>

Rainfall disaggregation methods: Theory and applications >>>

On the appropriateness of the Gumbel distribution for modelling extreme rainfall >>>

Effects of Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age on the hydrology of Mediterranean region >>>

4. Research reports

National Programme for Water Resources Management and Preservation (10 580 visits/downloads) >>>

Master plan for water resource management of the country >>>

WATer pathways towards the non-deterministic future of renewable enERGY (WATERGY) >>>

Litterature review of flood hydrology and related tools >>>

Scientific documentation of the Hydrognomon software (version 4 ) >>>

5. Academic theses

Climatic Atlas of Greece (2427 visits/downloads) >>>

Desalination technology and potential application in Greece >>>

Renewable energy sources: Temporal evolution - comparison >>>

Stochastic simulation framework for optimal planning of hybrid system of hydroelectic - wind energy. Investigation based on the Aliakmonas hydrosystem >>>

Investigation of global optimum seeking methods in water resources problems >>>

6. Software products

Hyetos - A Computer program for stochastic disaggregation of fine-scale rainfall (9696 visits/downloads) >>>

MuDRain - A computer program for multivariate disaggregation of rainfall >>>

EAS/MEAS/SEEAS - Global and multiobjective optimization algorithms >>>

Hydronomeas – Integrated computer system for the support of hydrosystems management >>>

Castalia - A computer system for stochastic simulation and forecasting of hydrologic processes >>>

7. Blogs (posted in 2016)

ΕΔΙΠ, Λέκτορες, Γραμματείς, Φαρισαίοι (729 visits) >>>

ΠΠΕ Εξ >>>