A pilot study for the management of the Louros and Arachthos watersheds


Duration: June 1989–April 1991

Budget: 8 250 000 DRS (about €46 134)

Commissioned by: Directorate of Water and Natural Resources

Contractor: Department of Water Resources, Hydraulic and Maritime Engineering


  1. Directorate of Water and Natural Resources
  2. Delft Hydraulics

Project director: Th. Xanthopoulos

Principal investigator: D. Koutsoyiannis

The objective of the pilot study is the combined management of the surface and subsurface water resources of the Louros and Arachthos watersheds. The main target is to obtain an insight of the interrelation of the relevant quantities, to draw conclusions regarding the management of water resources of the two catchments, and to locate the issues that will require further research. An additional objective is the development of a methodology for water resources planning and management, which can be applied to other watersheds or water districts in Greece.