Appraisal of existing potential for improving the water supply of greater Athens - Phase 2


Duration: May 1989–June 1990

Budget: 26 000 000 DRS (about €145 393)

Commissioned by: Directorate of Water Supply and Sewage

Contractor: Department of Water Resources, Hydraulic and Maritime Engineering

Project director: Th. Xanthopoulos

Principal investigator: D. Koutsoyiannis

The project includes the following main components: (1) Processing and analysis of the available hydrometeorological data and estimation of the water potential of the Mornos, Evinos and Yliki watersheds. (2) Hydrologic design study of alternative reservoirs in the Evinos River basin combined with the operation of the Mornos reservoir. (3) Study for improving of the hydrometeorological measuring system at Mornos and Evinos watersheds. (4) Evaluation of the exploitable water potential of the Yliki Lake and the alternative rational ways of its management, both under the current conditions and future conditions, without or with the Evinos reservoir. (5) Development of methodologies and computer programs for the support of the rational scheduling of the water release from Yliki.