Upgrade of the hydraulics laboratory for the modeling of water supply networks & design and operation optimization study


Duration: September 2012–August 2015

Budget: €34 422

Commissioned by: Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprys


  1. Cyprus University of Technology
  2. Water Development Department of Cyprus
  3. Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  4. ISOTHERM Ltd.
  5. Paphos Municipality

Project director: D. Koutsoyiannis

Principal investigator: P. Papanicolaou

The main components of the project are: (a) Upgrading of the existing technological equipment of the Cyprus University of Technology, for supporting the research needs; (b) Development of a digital imprint of a selected water supply network (Paphos Municipality), with combined use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as GPS, GIS and SRS; (c) Development of a generalized modelling framework and related computational/mathematical tools (in terms of hydraulic simulation models and multiobjective evolutionary algorithms), which will be tested in the optimization of the design and operation of the pilot water supply network; (d) Development of an experimental representation aimed at improving the design and operation of the network and its systems, (e) Experimental verification of the computational results and development of know-how in matters relating to systems of supervision and self-regulation of pumps and valves. NTUA mainly contributes in water supply network modelling issues, focusing on the development of the optimization framework and their integration within a computational system. Moreover, NTUA provides support in the formulation of the specifications for the upgrading of the laboratory equipment and the implementation of the experiments.