Combined REnewable Systems for Sustainable ENergy DevelOpment (CRESSENDO)


Duration: February 2014–July 2015

Budget: €315 000

Commissioned by: General Secretariat of Research and Technology

Contractor: Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

Project director: D. Koutsoyiannis

Principal investigator: N. Mamassis

Programme: Αριστεία ΙΙ

The project's objective is to develop a holistic framework for optimal planning and management of large-scale hybrid renewable energy systems, in which hydropower plays the dominant role. The scale refers to both the size of energy units and their spatial extent, and is of major importance, as efficiency increases with scale, while uncertainty decreases. Outcomes of the research include a coherent stochastic-entropic theory for uncertainty assessment of the processes that are related to energy production (wind velocity, solar radiation, streamflow), and a parameterization-simulation-optimization scheme inspired from established system-based approaches for supporting optimal decision-making in complex water management problems. The whole framework is integrated within a decision support system (DSS), in which several software tools are integrated . The methodology and the DSS are tested at a large region that covers 12% of Greece, characterized by substantial hydropower potential. The study area is viewed as a closed and energy-autonomous system, in order to investigate the perspectives of sustainable development at a regional scale, using exclusively renewable energy sources. Following the principle of openness, we provide free accessibility to data, methods and tools, through a broad range of dissemination activities.