Open Hydrosystem Information Network (


Duration: January 2018–December 2020

Budget: €320 000

Commissioned by: Special Secretary of ERDF & CF

Contractor: Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering


  1. National Observatory of Athens
  2. Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
  3. Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
  4. Technological Educational Institute of Epirus

Project director: N. Mamassis

Principal investigator: A. Efstratiadis is sub-project of the national research infrastructure “Hellenic Integrated Marine and Inland Water Resources Observing, Forecasting and Offshore Technology Systems” (HIMIOFoTS). Its objective is the design of an integrated e-infrastructure for collection, management and dissemination of hydrological and environmental information for the surface water resources of Greece, and the coordination of sub-projects that are involved in the development and initial operation of the system. The sub-project comprises the recording and evaluation of the existing infrastructures of the country (monitoring networks, databases), the analysis of specifications and assessment of the information system, the organization and processing of geographical data with respect to surface water bodies and hydrosystems of Greece, and their implementation within OpenHi. The system design will foresee the incorporation of all related infrastructure of the country, in a forthcoming phase, in order to provide free access to all hydrological, environmental and geographical data of surface water resources of Greece.

Project web-page: