Production of maps with updated parameters of the ombrian curves at country level (implementation of the EU Directive 2007/60/EC in Greece)


Duration: February 2023–July 2023

Budget: €30 000

Commissioned by: Ministry of Ennvironment and Energy

Contractor: Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

Project directors: T. Iliopoulou, D. Koutsoyiannis

The objective of the research project is the regionalization of the parameters of the rainfall curves in the whole of the Greek Territory, based on the point estimates at the Water Division level that are obtained in the context of the contracts assigned for the 1st Revision of the Flood Risk Management Plans in application of the 2007 Directive /60/EC. The regionalization aims to achieve a reliable model of rainfall curves with spatially varying parameters, which are available on a grid, with the finest possible spatial resolution, extending over the entire country. For this purpose, spatial interpolation methods with smoothing are utilized as well as newer, more reliable methodologies for spatial parameter estimation.