A pilot study for the water resources management of the Epirus water district


Duration: September 1991–September 1993

Budget: 8 000 000 DRS (about €35 492)

Commissioned by: Directorate of Water and Natural Resources

Contractor: Department of Water Resources, Hydraulic and Maritime Engineering


  1. Directorate of Water and Natural Resources
  2. Delft Hydraulics
  3. Ecosystems Analysis

Project director: Th. Xanthopoulos

Principal investigator: I. Nalbantis

The main objective is to obtain an insight of the interrelation of the water balance components of the Epirus water district. The methodology is based on an earlier project regarding the water resources of the Louros and Arachthos watersheds. The role of the research team of the National Technical University of Athens is to supervise the project and evaluate its results at each stage of the project.