Hydrological investigation of the Thessalia water basin


Duration: July 1986–October 1988

Budget: 9 655 000 DRS (about €70 234)

Commissioned by: Division of Acheloos Diversion Works

Contractor: Department of Water Resources, Hydraulic and Maritime Engineering

Project director: Th. Xanthopoulos

Principal investigator: D. Koutsoyiannis

The project aims at organising the hydrological information in the Thessalia water district, and more specifically, the collection, the evaluation, the archiving and the processing of hydrometeorological data of the district. The project also deals with the development of an appropriate hydrological infrastructure (criteria and hydrologic design parameters) to support the studies of the works for the development of the Thessalia Plain (irrigation projects, flood protection works and dams) also considering the planned diversion of the Acheloos River.